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Do your employees really know how much they are earning?

At the HREvolution conference of TheMarker, Gil Reshti presents the innovative and unique product - a salary video and personal benefits for the employee.

FlexBenefits - Reshaping the benefits policy in the organization

Gil Reshti presents at TheMarker's HREvolution conference an innovative approach to building a benefits policy, adapted to the current reality - flexibility, adaptation to different needs of each employee, freedom of choice and personalization of benefits and all while creating a new employee experience.

Communicate remuneration and incentive policies to employees

Employee compensation policy is a complex and charged issue. Policy communication is a challenge for many managers - some managers do not understand all the principles of the policy themselves, some are unsure that it is advisable to share the policy with the employees in the organization and some want to share but do not do so effectively.

In his lecture at the 2017 Wages and Benefits Conference, Gil Reshti explained the importance of channeling and gave many examples of how organizations can implement proper channeling of reward and incentive policies.

The value proposition to the employee, compensation policy and everything in between

Lecture by Gil Reshti, Expert in Employee Remuneration Strategies, at the 2019 Annual Human Resources Conference

Eye-level pension

The Human Resources Community Meeting of the Human Resource Consulting and Management Program dealt with the topic of "not on the pension alone."

During the meeting, Gil Resheti presented the phenomenon of public ignorance regarding the issue of pensions. This ignorance stems from a lack of awareness, lack of desire or appropriate tools for understanding.

Gil emphasized the need to learn and become familiar with the variety of options available to employees, and addressed the issue of the role of organizations in mediating knowledge and information to employees.

And yes, also provided answers, at eye level, to important questions.

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