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גיבוש אסטרטגית תגמול
Incentive Programs

Effective ways to motivate employees and managers to improve performance and achieve goals

Leading organizations have one thing in common - they allow their employees to be successful partners in what they have created.

Variable pay includes a fixed salary payment and a component of incentive, which varies according to the employee's level of achievement and compliance with the pre-defined goals. An incentive system is a very valuable tool for making direct contact between the strategy of the organization and the actions that employees need to take in order to achieve their business goals.

We have extensive experience in developing, guiding and implementing these systems in dozens of organizations in a variety of areas of activity including sales, service, manufacturing and distribution.

We believe that the key to building a successful incentive system is not just about how much you pay, but also in particular what you pay for.

Using the 10-step methodology we have developed, we will assist you in:

  • Set goals for the incentive system

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of existing incentive schemes

  • To define the incentive array indices

  • To develop a valid formula that will express the relationship between a performance level and an incentive level

  • To prepare payment simulation scenarios and scenarios based on performance

  • To prepare materials for program channeling

  • To develop computerized tools for managing, tracking and controlling the incentive formula

  • Accompaniment and assimilation

The solutions we offer will ensure that the incentive system that is built for you will deliver the appropriate organizational messages, focus your employees on achieving the important results and enable expense control on the incentive level.


The bottom line - the incentive schemes will improve business results. In addition, the incentive systems will help create an organizational culture focused on achieving important results and help to retain high-performing employees.

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