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Pay Structure
The development of a competitive salary structure

Salary expenses are often the organization's largest spending component or at least one of the most significant ones. An effective pay structure creates a difference between being able to motivate, retain and promote key employees in the organization and watch how they move in comparison to other competitors.

Wage structure creates an organizational framework for managing the basic employees' salary.

The salary structure is based on the division of all activities in the organization into several levels (organizational level) and determining the salary range and benefits for each level.


We, at Gil Rashti Total Rewards Strategies, will help you formulate a salary structure that will ensure:

  • Support a reward strategy and a desired corporate culture

  • Adaptation to the prevailing market wage, enabling recruitment and retention of high-performing and talented employees

  • Identify the gaps between roles found at various organizational levels to ensure adequate remuneration and a competitive package of benefits at each level

  • A clear link between a performance level and a reward level

  • Support for the development of promotional routes

  • Flexibility to manage in a changing reality


In the process of formulating the salary structure, we also address the following issues:

  • The type of salary structure appropriate to the organization and the degree of flexibility required

  • The desired level of wages relative to the market

  • The relationship between pay and performance and the way it is reflected in the pay structure

  • The Salary Add-on Process - Rules for Determining the Salary of a New Employee, Determining the Salary of a Previous Employee, and the Annual Salary Add-on Process

  • Analysis of the costs derived from the implementation of the proposed wage structure


Together, we will help you develop a competitive and effective salary system that will allow you to offer the right salary to your employees.

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