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Grading and job architecture
Basis for the development of a fair and competitive salary structure and for the creation of promotional routes

Grading and job architecture is built by rating occupations according to their relative importance to the organization. Through the grading process, occupations are grouped by their level. All the occupations assessed at a similar level, are grouped into one level.


Grading and job architecture is of great importance and serves as the basis for:

  • Pay Structure Development: Determining a similar salary range for all occupations at the same level

  • Development and Promotion Tracks: Building Management and Professional Promotion Tracks Using a Level-Based Promotion Map

Establishing an organizational level requires a thorough understanding of the organization's business, its importance and its contribution to business success.


We, at Gil Rashti Total Rewards Strategies, understand how organizations work and should work.
We can assist you in building the organizational scale, using a model for determining the level of occupation to suit you.
The model will combine internal criteria that are appropriate for the organization and common market wages for similar positions.
Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of various occupations and the interfaces between them will be at your disposal in building the scale.

Our product will present a job map in the organization according to the organizational level, occupational families and organizational units.

The result: a validity scale, which will serve as the basis for the organization's salary structure and promotion paths.

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