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Total Remuneration Statement

New!  Digital, experiential, innovative personal video

  • Present personal and specific data to each employee

  • Voice over mentioning employee first name

  • Support multi-languages and currencies

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גיבוש אסטרטגית תגמול
Total Remuneration Statement

A personal report that provides the employee an overview regarding his total rewards, covering all fixed and variable payments, benefits, equity as well as personal learning and all other elements the employee receives.


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Employees are generally dissatisfied with their salary.

But what happens when an employee sees his salary as only one component of an entire total remuneration package?

Dozens of organizations that we had provided their employees with a total remuneration statement said:

  • "Suddenly employees understand and more appreciate the full package they receive"

  • "We've tried to explain this to our employees for years with no success - one simple and clear report has done the job"

  • "When an employee is satisfied  he becomes more engaged - that's what we're here for, aren't we?"


  • Innovative - a personal digital and experiential video is intended to each employee

  • Practical experience of over 10 years producing TRS for dozens of organizations

  • An in-depth understanding of payroll and remuneration policies that enables to present the information to employees efficiently

  • Unique and flexible software is developed by us specifically to produce the report

  • Uncompromising attention to every detail and data control is provided

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