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"Gil accompanies us in consulting in the fields of pay and remuneration. In one word - amazing! Gil provides attitude, service and professionalism at the highest level. I have been in the field for many years and have worked with a variety of companies and consultants. Gil quietly and humbly does amazing work. Fast, service, professional and sharp. A pure pleasure to work with "

Rita Rubinstein,

VP of Human Resources and Administration, Mizrahi-Tefahot

"Gil works for us as a part-time consultant. Osem is actually part of Nestle - an international company, which operates with the most advanced reward methodologies in the world. Gil meets these standards and beyond. He has experience and knowledge unmatched in the country. "In a good and no less important way - pleasant demeanor. Colleagues love him and he receives excellent feedback from the managers with whom he is at interfaces. Gil is able to identify and warn of complex situations, stand his ground when necessary and express a professional opinion

Barak Strozberg

VP of Human Resources, Osem Group

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