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About us

In today's changing and rapidly developing labor market, one of the key challenges for companies is to create employee engagement.

We, at Gil Rashti Total Rewards Strategies, help increase employees' engagement by creating aligned compensation policies and processes.


Salary expenses are often the organization's largest spending component or at least one of the most significant ones...(more)


Collective Agreements Support

The key to a successful collective agreement is its proper preparation - whether it prepares to sign the first collective agreement or to extend ...(more)

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Grading and job architecture is built by rating occupations according to their relative importance to the organization...(more)

Office Team

Is the current remuneration structure of senior executives in your organization derived from the latest business strategy? (more)


Compensation Strategy

Total Rewards are a whole set of aspects that the organization provides to employees in exchange of their time, efforts and achievements...(more)

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Leading organizations have one thing in common - they allow their employees to be successful partners in what they have created....(more)

Total Remuneration Statement

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Employees are generally dissatisfied with their salary.

But what happens when an employee sees the salary as only one component of an entire set of total remuneration package?

A total remuneration statement shows each employee his salary payments and the monetary value of benefits obtained from the organization during the year.

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